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"One of the 4" is one tattoo, one label and four girls - one dream come true. The brand exists since 2012, is engaged in production of handmade jewelry and accessories, styling and party organizations.

My name is Mira and I'm one of the four girls from "One of the 4". One Bulgarian sea-girl currently living in North Italy - an incorrigibile optimist, graphic designer and art-lover. Style and fashion have always been a part of my life, that's why I created this blog where I'll share with you some of my inspirations, street style catches, viewpoints on style as well as my DIY projects. I would define my personal style like "Always different, Always the same"...

I love ... ♥ Andy Warhol
              ♥ Jeremy Scott
              ♥ Cubo
              ♥ Mint with Sprite
              ♥ Gummy bears

P.S. I learn, practise and adore Italian language, that's why most of my posts are in Italian. But when pictures speak louder than words the language no matter! So if you have any questions, feel free to contact me !

Welcome to my web world and have a stylish time here!

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